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Jual Mainan LEGO 41522 : Scorpi Murah Kategori: Lego Mixels | 421 Kali Dilihat

Jual Mainan LEGO 41522 : Scorpi Murah Reviewed by ekabsn87@yahoo.com on . This Is Article About Jual Mainan LEGO 41522 : Scorpi Murah

Keterangan LEGO 41522 : Scorpi: Kode: 01870 Scuttle off on fun adventures with SCORPI! The leader of the playful Spikels tribe, SCORPI loves pillow fights, sleepovers and chatting all night. Always viewing life with a sense of wonder, this bug-eyed creature scuttles around on its centipede-like legs seeking fun. The […]

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